Welcome to Adat Jisrael – Stockholm’s Orthodox Synagogue at Södermalm

Visit us at Ragvaldsgatan 14C.
Please contact us at info@adatjisrael.se prior to your visit. You will be required to send us a copy of an ID document (passport or similar).

Service Times

B’’H we are open every day of the year.
For details of the opening hours, please send us an email.
Times for Mincha, Maariv/ Arvit varies widely according to season. Please ask us or check out at our weekly newsletter Jedion Hashavua.


The easiest way to give tzedakah for a Torah aliyah or make other international donations is via our PayPal Account.

You can also transfer money to the Synagogue’s bank account:

IBAN: SE21 9500 0099 6026 0357 4597

Account holder: Synagogföreningen Adas Jisroel
S:t Paulsgatan 13
SE-11846 Stockholm

Adat Jisrael – a brief history

Adas Jisroel was founded in 1871, little over a century after Jews were first allowed to settle officially in Sweden. It was a community founded by and for Jewish refugees from the pogroms in Tsarist Russia, the Baltic states and Poland. The community became know as ’Der Polnische Minyan’ and the language spoken was Yiddish.
The first almost half-century the community Services took place in what was originally a larger flat with several rooms at S:t Paulsgatan 17, but gradually the community outgrew this and 1917 we moved to the present location. This building, which dates back to 18th century, has previously housed a small factory, (non-Jewish) social venues and up until 1917, Södermalm’s earliest cinema. The community moved in 1917 and adapted the former cinema to suit the needs of a Shul.

Why a Shul at Södermalm? Södermalm, the largest of the many islands upon which the city of Stockholms is built, was at the time known primarily as a working class and poor people’s area and unsurprisingly, this is where the poor Jewish immigrants from the East could afford to settle.
Gradually the local area around St Paulsgatan and within approx a radius of 700 m became populated with many Jewish families, shops, small workshops etc. Jewish welfare institutions soon moved in with affordable housing etc, which enabled decent living quarters for the large Jewish families. Is has been estimated that more than 3000 Jews lived in the area around Adat Jisrael and north Södermalm in the 1920’s and 30’s.

Obviously this is not the case today, for many good reasons. However, Adat Jisrael has continued as always and we thank Hashem that we have been able to do so.
We were very happy that we, together with owner of the building (the city of Stockholm) 2015 could renovate the by then rather hard-worn Shul, thereby installing modern facilities and security systems as well as renovating some of the original wall paintings by Filip Månsson from approx 1917. We are now ready for at least another one hundred years, G-d willing.

Adas Jisroel is widely known as ’a Heimische Shul’, an atmosphere which we are very keen to maintain. The community members care for one another and for our Shul.
We hope that you will sense that ’Heimische’ feeling and enjoy your visit to Adat Jisrael.

Adat Jisrael 5777/ 2017


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